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Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6

A Unique Blaster – Without a Doubt

Few Nerf guns can live up to the capabilities of the Nerf Deploy – if any for that matter. This fact makes the Deploy a unique blaster, one that with a flip of the switch can become a handy tool.

As its name suggests, the Deploy CS-6 can hold 6 darts with the standard clip. However, like all N-Strike Nerf guns it is compatible with the 35 round clip that comes with the Raider.

Back to what makes it special.

The Special Features of the Deploy CS-6

There are two modes for this blaster (Watching the video below will make things clear if you don’t understand the description). The first mode is a flashlight, the second is a Nerf blaster.

How does it transform? By pushing the button on the carrying handle, the clip will flip to the side and the grip will engage. Very cool.

It is definitely one of the more easily carried blasters out there. Retailing at $19.99 in most places – it’s also one of the more affordable.

Austin - July 30, 2014

I love how this gun is two thing in one flashlight and a gun nice touch.

nerf gun elite - April 15, 2012

this is to mattiemaas, the nerf recon is good b/c it has all the attachments but the deploy can get smaller, just get the recon or both

nerf gun elite - April 15, 2012

there is a real gun like this bu i dont think it has a flashlight and its fully automatic. It is suppose to be a disguise

mattiemaas - April 10, 2012

what should i do? a recon or a deploy??? please help me!!

punk - April 6, 2012

i love it but its heavy the flashlight is great but dosent shoot far and isnt a sealth weapon but the scope and deoply mode is great + band.

Nick - February 3, 2012

The Deploy is the best Nerf gun out there. Believe me I won like 7 Nerf wars using only this gun.

rush357753 - February 3, 2012

My brother got me this cause he’s into Nerf and wanted me to have my own. It looks cool for a nerf gun yea, but it doesn’t work very well stock.
I drilled out the air restrictor and took out the piece that keeps the pump in place after being cocked, cause it was jamming my trigger. It shoots twice as far now but wow its loud, no more being stealthy. Not worth being quiet if it originally only shot no more than 15 feet anyways though.

Cman100 - December 31, 2011

Vortex guns are very inaccurate, Grandpa.

joes grandad - December 28, 2011



The deploy is an average primary and sometimes used as a secondary.In my opinion I think it is better than the recon talking about rate of fire and accuracy not about how it looks.

ethan - December 7, 2011

i want that gun so badly

etmnm - November 17, 2011

ok kan u put stampede sheild on tactical rail? is whireout more powerful than norma cause me and my friend have whiteout guns and they are more powerful than normal?

    NerfGuns.net Admin - November 17, 2011

    The blast shield is removable and can be attached to other blasters with a tactical rail. It is made to fit the stampede specifically, so it won’t fit perfectly on others. Although it supposedly fits the Recon pretty well.

    As far as the whiteout series goes, I’ve only heard of the nitefinder having any boost in power. Seems they touched up the internals of it. Not sure about the other ones though.

robert - November 1, 2011

in order of gun not break is to don’t reload too fast, don’t have clip do horziel.

Ian - October 20, 2011

It even has a holder in the switch for the bullit and not your finger

chinacat - July 9, 2011

Bought this gun today, and waht can i say. It is FABULOUS! The good thing is it comes with a stock and a tactical light and a built in scope so you already have 3 attachments! the deploy thing is real cool. Although i think there are some duds out there cos of the low comments on some shop websites but once you grab a good fuctioning one you can do well in a nerf war. I used it in a nerf war also today with my freind who has the alpha trooper and is gonna get the stampede against my other freind who has the longstrike and planning to get maverick and i got 5 kills! in a 2 hour long match (which was corridorial to be honest!) BUY THIS! (Hope this commenyt helped

666helel666 - May 1, 2011

can someone tell me how to remove the back part, its pointless and pretty much useless

bob - April 15, 2011

the recon and stampede are way better

TheNickman - January 15, 2011

i’m thinking of getting the deploy i think its great also would the stampeades mags make it unbalanced if so what about the alpha troopers mag?

Random - January 14, 2011

Look, its an alright gun, personnaly i think its a 100% terrible idea from hasbro. But can the idiots sayin it jams shut up. If you break it its your fault. I have like 15 nerf guns. The first one I broke because I was a newb. After that no more breaks. ‘Dad’ read the instructions mate, trust me it would’ve worked if u did.

-More Pew Pew Less QQ

MoreDakka - January 2, 2011

I have owned this blaster for some two weeks now and played with it long enough to form an opinion on it.

If this had a particular niche similar to a real weapon, This would fall under the Personal Defense category, like the P90 and the MP5K. It gives you an adequate level of firepower in a relatively compact and concealable (just barely) package. The six-round magazine fits mostly flush with the outline of the gun in flashlight mode, and if you lock the pump with a round in the chamber, it is *almost* innocent-looking. When it’s time to rock and roll, It’s quick to get into the fight, and the despite very short barrel, you can nail someone 15-20 feet away.

The six-round magazine (or as youngins like to call it, a ‘clip’) is perfect for this gun, as anything larger may throw the balance off and puts stress on the swiveling magazine dock. I have tried it with the drum magazine, and it becomes a little unwieldy, and you can forget about using it in quick-deploy mode if you value service life from your Deploy. In addition, having a six-round magazine forces you to make your shots count rather than spray and pray you hit someone that’s shooting at you. Sure, you can get the flip clip attachment (which I have yet to use since it’s suddenly impossible to find in stores), but it’s not *necessary* if you aim and hit what you aim at.

The sling, while somewhat flimsy, positions the Deploy perfectly under your arm so that in a hurry, all you need to do is push the button and then move your hand back a little to get hold of the pistol grip and bring it to bear.

Overall, a good gun for the cost, but it’s a good idea to get 2 spare mags (clips) for it.

pranav - December 31, 2010

sorry guys, this gun sucks

Dad - December 26, 2010

I got this gun for my 11 year old son for x-mas and when he opened it on x-mas morning he was very excited until he started using it. It jams all the time and not fun to use at all. Wast of money, very disappointed in Nerf

Joel - December 23, 2010

Im geting this plus recon both very cool know from experens gona try to get extra clips and a maverik

pranav - December 11, 2010

awesome gun

boo - November 20, 2010

it shoots far, it’s a little bulky though more than i expected

boo - November 20, 2010

Mine is good id give it a 8/10 . you guys must of gotten bad ones; deffective

boo - November 20, 2010

It doesn’t suck that much

anonymous123 - November 6, 2010

it sucks

Ntkjgfyjhdg - November 6, 2010

Oh well getting it anyway

Ntkjgfyjhdg - October 31, 2010

Looks cool is it worth gettin plez reply

eddy124816 - October 31, 2010

if you got the deploy and it broke in the first day or first week it means it is a fake one cause other companys copy of them.

Jackcody - October 27, 2010

i like that gun

Ben - October 17, 2010

OK LOOK THE DEPLOY IS AN AWESOME GUN lets start it has one of the farthest shooting ranges just dont leave your guns cocked all the time or the spring likes to stay the way.
and the deploy has a built in scope and light so youre ready for anything. another thing is unlike the recon you can use the pump action and it wont jam unlike the recon and will shoot really fast

Nerf dude from Brunei - October 17, 2010

It looks like a P90 from Counter Strike…anyways it still look’s cool

TheOnly11YearOldEnglishNERFER - August 26, 2010


NerfWarrior - August 20, 2010

the deploy is pretty good to use in a nerf war. it has a good rate of fire and can use the drum mag. it is also accurate, and if u learn to use the sights, theyre actually not that bad. u just have to aim up slightly. its got a flashlight which is very useful in night missions, or in a dark room. the only problem with this gun is that the clip is kinda hard to insert.

nerf assasin - August 16, 2010

LOL i ust had a nerf war with a nerf team down my street (they where noobs) and they where down a gun so I lent them a deploy (as a flashlight version) and they lost beacuse they did not no how to change it to gun form.

blade master - August 14, 2010

it ok

Ken - August 9, 2010


deployman - August 5, 2010

the deploy is a rely good gun for the price because it has a fair range and comes with a light and scope like the recon but the deploys are built in to the gun.

tanner - August 4, 2010

look down the clip loadig thing the bolt guide sometimes falls out and get caught on a white piece i just get a screw driver and pop it back in. i modded mine and dont use much anymore so im selling it.

HolyBoo - July 26, 2010

I am getting one on my birthday !! I have a recon barrel, tatical light/ laser, flip up sight and tatical scope. i would use it for the deploy.

ken - July 22, 2010

it comes with a scope

nerf fananatic - July 19, 2010

guys try putting a scope on your deploy looks awesome!

bob - July 16, 2010

the gun is amazing i just got it yesterday and theres no problems so far and ive been shooting alot, the flashlight mode is simply useless but the gun is awsome

RickRandy - July 12, 2010

perhaps wait for a 12 shot STRAIGHT mag. it feels too awkward using the 35 snail mag from the raider

person - July 11, 2010

I’m not sure how you guys broke yours so easily, mines pretty durable, and has a lot better range than I expected. I like it.

Myles - June 27, 2010

Sorry, I just made a typo in my comment above.
I don’t really have a Nerf Deploy, I’m just giving out my opinions.

Myles - June 27, 2010

Even though I have got it yet, I think that the Nerf Deploy looks like a Battle Rifle from Halo 2 and 3, if you have the barrel from the Nerf Recon and a Tactical Scope.

Brad - June 7, 2010

the deploy is awsome i got mine yesterday it fires 30 feet flat and with a tilt it will fire 40 easy

Person - May 31, 2010

by wut wood happen, i mean with the security things

Person - May 30, 2010

wut? its not 12:24! its 8: 26 am!

Person - May 30, 2010

hmmm i wonder wut wood happen if u took it 2 da airport

Yourface - May 27, 2010

Why do you need a half-gun-half-flashlight? Chances are, you already have a nerf gun AND a flashlight, and why not just get a nitefinder? Not a very good idea on Hasbro’s part, in my opinion.

jack - May 22, 2010

i had got this gun for my first nerf war and it broke in the first 20 min. the thing would not cock and my buddy has one as well and his broke the same day as well. i got rid of it ( i toke it back to the store) got a maverick and won the war

greg - May 5, 2010

this gun costs like 30 wich is way over priced because from america its only like 13 but i cant get it from america because f p&p

wario235 - April 23, 2010

I got it. Seems pretty good. A buddy got it and it was defective, but mine works well. Never gonna use the light on it, and a larger clip would be nice, but w/e.

vrouf - April 15, 2010

i got this gun and it broke the first week i got it

nick - April 14, 2010


sharko 2100 - March 21, 2010

my brother wants this gun, but for me, i need to hear more about it.

Bombadier - March 18, 2010

I don’t have this gun yet,(I probably will soon) and it looks pretty cool. That’s when I thought to myself, why would I need a flashlight? Why not just get the red dot accessory?

ARK - March 6, 2010

this gun would only be worth wile if you had the 35 round clip.

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