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Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6

A Unique Blaster – Without a Doubt

Few Nerf guns can live up to the capabilities of the Nerf Deploy – if any for that matter. This fact makes the Deploy a unique blaster, one that with a flip of the switch can become a handy tool.

As its name suggests, the Deploy CS-6 can hold 6 darts with the standard clip. However, like all N-Strike Nerf guns it is compatible with the 35 round clip that comes with the Raider.

Back to what makes it special.

The Special Features of the Deploy CS-6

There are two modes for this blaster (Watching the video below will make things clear if you don’t understand the description). The first mode is a flashlight, the second is a Nerf blaster.

How does it transform? By pushing the button on the carrying handle, the clip will flip to the side and the grip will engage. Very cool.

It is definitely one of the more easily carried blasters out there. Retailing at $19.99 in most places – it’s also one of the more affordable.

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