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Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10

What Can You Expect From The Nerf Barricade?

The ten shot Nerf Barricade RV-10 is probably one of the coolest sidearms Nerf is producing right now. At first glance, it doesn’t look like much, just a Maverick with a few extra slots in the chamber. Once you realize that it’s a motorized, semi-automatic sidearm that fits in your pants pocket, well, that’s when it goes from “Meh” to “Must Have!”

Typically, we like to keep our sidearms simple because something with a lot of moving parts can jam and misalign and leave us scrambling for cover when we should’ve had the upper hand (the old Maverick used to have this problem before they gave it a few tweaks), so a ten-shot, semi-auto revolver might seem like a bad idea for an emergency sidearm, but, surprisingly, it can go a whole battle without any jamming or misalignment issues. Nerf really went all out to ensure that the design of the Barricade was streamlined, dependable and compact.

What is it Good For?

In fact, while it may be best served as a sidearm, for use when you’re outnumbered and need a quick escape, it can actually serve as a primary or secondary weapon with a few attachments. Add a scope and a longer barrel and you’ve got an automatic rifle kind of thing going on. While perhaps not as accurate as the Longshot, it still gets a pretty good range, with relative accuracy at up to thirty yards or so, depending on battle conditions.

If you like two-handed pistol action, a pair of Barricades can turn you into a serious threat in close-medium range combat, allowing you to pop off several shots in a row at a greater speed than you’re going to get with most Nerf sidearms. You can really take your opponents by surprise, as nobody really expects to be hit by three darts at once from an RV sidearm.

Is it Worth Buying?

Bottom line: the Barricade is perfect as a sidearm to rely on in an emergency situation, but it’s as versatile as it is convenient and quick, and can double as just about anything. If you don’t have time to reload your Longstrike (or if your off-brand automatic jams), the Barricade is the perfect substitute when you’re short on options.

With its speed and ease of use, it also opens up doors for strategic problem solving, allowing you to ambush opponents in situations where those with single-action sidearms are left hiding in the bushes.

fluets - February 14, 2013

I have one, and i notice that the bullet(s) at the bottom of the barrel always fall out if it is pointed downwards, any tips on what to do?

nerf gun elite - April 15, 2012

i got the gun 4 my birthday it is very good it is not that loud but it tends to jam if u shoot t too fast

david - March 6, 2012

this gun is ok i guess not the best i suggest getting the maverick

pedro chaves - January 5, 2012

Can you shoot a dart without the automatic mode? Please answer me,thank you

Joel carrelo - December 26, 2011

I am trying to find attachments for the barricade. Do u know where i could get them from? i am only 13 and am trying to start my own collection of nerf guns.

Swagner330 - December 17, 2011

To be honest, I’d rather have the maverick or spectre. The only reason for me to get it would be for the
wal-mart exclusive yellow stock. Other than That, It looks good.

Trevor - December 16, 2011

Does anyone know how to correct an issue where the chamber will not rotate or rotate correctly?

Daniel - October 10, 2011

I’ve got one and i use it as my primary im not dissapointed mine never jammed the only thing im only mad is that i have to waist about wat 1 or 2 minutes to reload the rest is great 8/10

shadez - August 20, 2011

really goodd gun was my first and i love it i was suprised by the sound and the range is good enough but its still a great gun and you can just turn off the motor when not in use its jammed 3 times in the 3 days ive had it but ive een using it 24/7!!!! my first jam was actually on my first shot! but still a great gun i strongly recommend it!!!! 8/10 and i LOVE it!

Barricuda - August 9, 2011

I’ve just brought this gun, and i have to say its amazing. i can fire it a split second after the motor starts, and it hasn’t jammed on me ONCE yet. It wouldn’t be the easiest concealed gun, but i can easily carry it in my makeshift holster. It makes an amazing sidearm partnered with the Recon as a primary.

gassy dog - July 14, 2011

its epic when you rip duel barricades out nobody stands a chance.its excellent for sneak attacks just remember to turn it on just before firing

dudewhowanabuybarricade - April 21, 2011

so its a good gun to buy???
HOW Much is it??
and about how long???

Kevin - April 18, 2011

The sound that comes from the gun is extremely annoying D: Would it be possible to get rid of the sound?

N-Strike sniper - April 9, 2011

useless, pointless, utterly rubbish its noise is hysterically loud and i almost got it but i heard it and almost died i’m giving it a rubbish 2/10

j-dog - April 6, 2011

i use this gun as my primary then i have a cool strape that can hold my secondary (fury fire) and then i keep my nite finder in my pocket. i am always the best.

Fred - March 31, 2011

This one was my son’s very first Nerf gun, and he is very pleased with it. I am not a great fan of battery-operated guns, but this one has the distinct advantage of being semi-auto, and the 10-round cylinder is definitely a great source of firepower!
A few hints for those of you interested in this pistol:
1) You can save some batteries by either openning the top door or simply turning it off during reloads. You don’t want to get out of batts during the shootout, do you?
2) you can easily reload without having to wait for the last round. Just insert new darts from the front-end of the cylinder by hand and you will keep yourself full of ammo at all times;
3) Don’t try to shoot too fast, or you will jam the darts into the barrel. Keep a constant rate of fire and you will be suprised by the reliablity. But shoot too fast and you’ll certainly end up jammed;
4) last, but not least: forget about stocks! This should be handled as a pistol for better performance.
Hope you enjoy it!

dog - February 9, 2011

love it.5.5 stars.awesome.

doggie - February 6, 2011

i want to find a new nerf site.been all over this one.any help?

milk - February 5, 2011

they neeed to make a new nerf pistol.seriously i am desperate

milk - February 5, 2011

I LOVE THAT GUN.JUST ORDERD IT from amazon.its on its wayso excited

Jack - February 1, 2011

Very good. Put a recon stock on it and a longshot scope and it is the best primary. I also got a special kind of belt and can tie it to my back and remove it when its necessary. Use a Nite Finder as your side-arm in case you can’t reload (It takes VERY long to reload the Barricade). Good to defend bases. Especially if you use the scope.

OuCh! - January 31, 2011

this gun is awesome love it 5 stars its awesome for Nerf wars so if you have to run really fast you can just hold your barricade rv-10. PLEASE COMMENT!

Zac Giles - January 31, 2011

Great gun nice and light semi-automatic side great 4.4 stars

Tom - January 9, 2011

Just got this gun…can’t say it’s the best :/ It’s actually really chunky and heavy and the trigger often jams or doen’t really go all the way in :/
Apart from that it’s pretty good although it doesn’t work on air compression rather it uses motors to spin wheels which throw the dart out. It’s also noisy so not the best stealth weapon to use.
Overall. 7/10

blackwolf - January 2, 2011

THIRD COMMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben - December 30, 2010


Andrei - December 30, 2010

Woo! first comment! this gun rocks.

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