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Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot

In Nerf, winning is all about superior firepower, tactics, and stealth. The Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot is one of the most easily concealed and easily carried Nerf Tag guns, optimized for quick, mid-range shots and ambushes in the field.

Features of it

The Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot loads a variety of standard Nerf gun ammunition, including new sticky darts and tactical camo darts.

The gun fires one dart at a time and has an ammo holder for four additional darts. The bottom of the gun features a handy belt clip that snaps away when you need to pull the gun into your hand quickly.

What The Sharp Shot is Good For

The Sharp Shot is one of the best choices for new entrants to the wide world of Nerf. The gun is very accurate and useful for its price range, retailing for far less than other Nerf weapons. The ergonomic design fits most hands perfectly and comfortably. Kids and adults alike will have no problem operating the Sharp Shot without hassle.

Not only is this dart gun an ideal choice for newbies looking to get a hold of their first Nerf weapon for a match, or for pros looking for an extremely accurate sidearm for situations where a larger Nerf gun just wont do. The Sharp Shot excels in narrow spaces, unlike the Raider or another similarly-sized Nerf rifle, as Nerf guns of that class are used for laying down cover fire, sweeping through multiple enemies, or neutralizing players with extra body armor. Pursuing another player through a narrow alleyway or hall? The Sharp Shot allows players to get in close and get personal. Launching an ambush attack from a bush in an outdoor Nerf campaign? Hide in the foliage and open fire with the compact Sharp Shot.

Tuned for stealth and a quick trigger finger, the Sharp Shot makes eliminating enemies during Varied CTF, Nerf Zombie, Free for All, and Assassin easy. Since the blaster is easily concealed in a coat or pocket, its perfect for making a quick strike during a Nerf Assassin round. Lugging around a larger rifle will reveal your intentions and your position, so the Sharp Shot is a much better choice for players looking to get in and get out.

A Bargain of a Nerf Gun

Parents who want a bargain on a Nerf gun for the kids should consider the Sharp Shot. Its a perfect size for young children and lacks an automatic of semi-automatic fire feature, which means less darts to clean up.

Players with sharp aim will get a lot of use from the Sharp Shot. A player armed with two Sharp Shots could easily take down a player armed with a Raider or a Swarmfire. Its all about the accuracy, and sacrificing mobility when using a larger Nerf weapon will compromise the mission if the enemy team is armed with tactical small arms.

Good For Modding?

Modders and hackers love the Sharp Shot for its mutability. Taking apart the gun is as simple as undoing a few screws. The Sharp Shot can easily be updated with new spring mechanisms and other basement mods that increase distance and accuracy.

The Sharp Shot – In Summary

Because the Sharp Shot is economical and effective, it is the perfect choice for old pros and newbies alike looking to get the most out of a Nerf weapon. The Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot capitalizes on Hasbros decades of replicating the science of real firearms in safe and fun toys for kids and adults of all ages.

Pick up a Sharp Shot and join a backyard Nerf war, or stuff it in your crews ammo box and haul it along for a full-scale Nerf Armageddon. Whatever you’re looking for, the Sharp Shot is one of the best Nerf guns on the market.

Jonathan Fritz - December 16, 2011

definitely need to mod it tho.

Open it up, stretch out the spring a little bit, put a couple nickels in ther between the spring and the black plastic piece, find the long tube in the barrel, and clear all the plastic out using a dremmel or doing wat i did and using a large screwdriver and twisting it. make sure there is a clean shot. wher toou can see all the way through. now, put it back together the way it was, making sure you have the trigger spring in the right place, and the large srping, as well as the little spring behind the barrel. that will stretch from the little hook to the metel bar on the cocking yellow piece.

ther you are! Hope i helped!!

Jonathan Fritz - December 16, 2011

This Gun is pretty tight. Yes, the nerf Nitefinder will shoot farther, and is more powerful, but this nerf gun beats the Nitefinder in aim. This sucker shoots where u want the dart 2 go!!! U can pick a small round target, and pretty easily hit it a bunch of times!! Dont listen to the guys dissing this gun, its awesome!!
I will compare the Nerf Nitefinder and the Nerf Sharp Shot below:

Nerf Nitefinder:
will shoot farther than Sharp Shot
more powerful
hurt worse! lol jk

Nerf Sharp Shot:
aim is WAY better than Nitefinder
grip is nicer
to cock it, you put your hand on the top, and cock it! for the Nitefinder, you have to stick ur finger in a hole at the end of the gun and pull back, it is easier with the sharp shot.

So, take your pick.
I have the sharp shot, and my bro has the nitefinder.
which will you have? take your pick.

these nerf guns, along with many, many others, are sold at Walmart, ToysRus, target im sure, and other stores.
Go Get a Nerf Sharp Shot 2day for 8 bucks!!

tim tam - October 4, 2011

i have used it before and its not that bad but it is actually pretty fun modifying it and if u mod it right u can get a very good range and use out of it.

Bubs69 - July 12, 2011

Don’t waste the 8 bucks on this one because I bought 2 of them and after a couple of days threw both of them in the trash. They would shot a dart 10ft if you threw the gun with it. Gun is the worste one yet and believe when I tell you I have everyone to the sum of 56 total guns. 40+ kid at heart. Refuse to grow up!!!

dingleberry - April 28, 2011

that gun looks awesome were can i get in australia

pin point nerfer - April 27, 2011

woo first comment

the gun looks good where can i get it in Australia

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