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Hasbro Nerf Reactor Ball Blaster

Your Basic Ball Blasting Nerf Gun

The Nerf reactor blaster has all the power you need behind the 4 balls included, upgradeable to house 6 balls. Allow yourself to resort to your childish ways, or share in the fun with a child 6+. This is an easy Nerf gun to operate for kids of all ages.

Range & Loading The Nerf Reactor

With a range of 10 – 20 feet, the Nerf reactor blaster is both good for closer targets and catching those off guard who are not aware of the range. By loading Nerf Ballistic Balls into the see-through tube, you can rain a volley of foam balls at every target in which you take aim. This is a pressure-pump Nerf gun, meaning the harder you pump the harder it will shoot – giving you an advantage over wimpy Nerf guns.

How Fast Can it Shoot?

The quickness behind the balls makes this product worth it. If you have a target in sight, simply aim, pull back on the front barrels handle and pull towards you. A single ball fires at a time, ensuring you don’t waste them. It may not be the most accurate Nerf gun out there, but with practice you can easily hone in on shooting it as accurately as possible. The trick is to focus on keeping it steady while shooting.

The Reactor is easy to load, easy to shoot, shoots fast, will never break down, and can shoot farther than many other Nerf guns out there – all of this makes it well worth getting.

nerf gun elite - April 15, 2012

u could mod it into a canon like kipkay did

Cman100 - January 7, 2012

It shoots 10-20 feet, Jack. My Speedswarm has the same RoF, but it gets flat ranges of 45′ unmodded, 65′ angled unmodded. Plus, it has a higher capacity, better accuracy, better reliability, and is more FUN!!

jack - August 25, 2010

I like the gun because it shoots fast.

deployman - August 9, 2010

i would give it a 3 out of 10

noobslaer117 - August 5, 2010

kipkay mod noob tube

noobslaer117 - July 24, 2010

all i did wad saw off the handle and put the tacital rail othe peace and put it on to a longshot

nerf assasin - July 3, 2010

how can you love it it is crap it gives nerf a bad name

sharko 2100 - June 29, 2010

this gun sucks BALLS!

jack - May 24, 2010

just got one and love it! just need more balls

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