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3 Reasons Why Nerf is Better Than Airsoft

Here’s an edgy idea, “Nerf is better than Airsoft.” But is it just an idea, or a cold hard fact?

There is no doubt about it, Nerf is renowned worldwide and has expanded far beyond being just a kids game. Nerf guns can be found everywhere from corporate offices to college dorms and hallways. Parents and tinkerers can let their creativity lose by modding them, and with the advent of the Nerf World Championship Nerf will continue to grow.

Nerf vs Airsoft

So what makes it better than Airsoft? A couple of reasons…

  1. Do it indoors – Foam is foam, it won’t leave holes or dings in the wall, and more importantly it won’t put an eye out. Its good safe fun you can enjoy anytime and in any weather.
  2. More movement – Because Nerf guns have a short range and do not shoot as fast, movement is much more possible and happens more frequently. You can see and dodge nerf darts much easier than an Airsoft BB. There’s nothing like getting into a close combat battle while dodging and shooting at the same time.
  3. It’s cheaper – Nerf is without doubt cheaper than Airsoft. If you play real Airsoft then you know that real Airsoft guns run in the range of $100 – $800 and more. Nerf guns can be had for a fraction of the cost.

These are just 3 reasons why Nerf is better than Airsoft. Of course both combat games have their differences, advantages and disadvantages. In the end it all boils down to personal preference. What most combat game enthusiasts find is paintball, Airsoft, and Nerf are all great for different occasions.

Akira - December 29, 2013

ok look airsoft has more of a devotion too it you have to pay money but the outcome is better with nerf its cheap but it doesent get you adreniline going like airsoft IE getting hit with a bb

teen kid - September 25, 2013

nerf claims there guns can shoot 75 feet and we all know they cant they shoot more like 25 feet but if u were to play in a house or in a barn u will be in closer range also its a good rainy day toy cause u really cant play out side cause lets say u have 30 darts when u are done playing with it outside u end up with about 15 or 20 cause there easy to lose anyway there fun as a inside toy. and a irsoft they good travel 100 feet for the cheap 30 dollar pistols and there great for going outside in ur yard but if u have woods or go to the lake and play airsoft war in the woods there while ur folks fish anyway and if u had sum money u could go get a good one for about 150 dollars for a airsoft gun that shoots 250 feet I have had a airsoft war and nerf war . airsoft wars are more of a stealthy game and nerf is more like a run and gun both are fun here is my rating of a 1 out of 10 rate airsoft 10 nerf 7 some of u may disagree but I like stealthy games u may like run and gun but anyway hope this was a help peace

Karl - January 18, 2012

I can shoot nerf guns around my dorm.
Can’t do that with airsoft.
Case closed.

Zale - January 16, 2012

First, I think I am the first girl on here.
Second, I agree with the people who are wondering why airsoft people are on here.
Third, everyone’s (or just about) grammar and spelling is terrible!!
Fourth, I think that everyone should calm down.

airsoft - January 16, 2012

no offence or anything but whats all the hating on airsoft for, the douchebag who said you cant do it in your house, well done, neither am i going to ride a dirt bike in my house, ill go to a place thats been set up for it, and that doesnt make it less fun, as for the mum thing, i have a job, something that one day you might have that earns you money, this job then pays for my hobbies, one of which is airsoft, just because it seems to cost alot for you doesnt mean it does for everybody else, not all of us still only get $10 a month as pocket money from our mums, and all this rubbish about modding your nerf gun to fire further, why not just buy an airsoft gun and modify that, you can get some impressive ranges from them if you do it right, unless your too thick to do it of course, also airsoft when played responsibly is an increadibly safe sport. now run back to mummy and go cry if you want to but airsoft is a great sport and its tit jobs like you who rant about how unsafe it is that causes people to make retarded decisions about the sport. end of rant

That Nerf Guy That's Better Than Other Nerfers - January 14, 2012

I prefer Nerf, since that Nerf is more friendly to parents and safer, and Nerf DART-TAG sets come with protection glasses. However, you can’t shoot very far but you could mod the Nerf dart guns. Also the price is cheaper. You don’t spend over $400 on a Nerf dart gun… Understand people?
And, most Airsoft BB guns break very easily, I’ve heard stories and such of it. However, Nerf Dart guns last longer and don’t break as easily, which means, no break-break. Unless you try and destroy it, but who would spend $25 on a Nerf gun and then destroy it? No one should, it wastes materials. And money.

That’s it, but you shouldn’t have a flame war about Nerf vs. Airsoft, just play with the toys and have fun!
Peace, people.

James - January 12, 2012

1. You can do indoors its called CQB, its damaging yest but that is what sites are for

2. You cannot dodge real bullets.

3. Some people can afford it some cant.

mickemyers - January 10, 2012

you even cares if u play nerf,airsoft or paintball i have a paintball guun and its a proto rail 2011 and a halo loader with nitrous tank and dye facemask yea all of that cost 500 and i REGRET buying it because ive had it for almost a year and only used it once because its really expensive and i have 7 nerf guns maverick nitefinder recon longstrike 2 reflex and a nerf dart tag gun (forgot the name) im looking on purchasing a airsoft gun because ammo is cheaper than in nerf and paintball (compared in quantity) the point is youre a troll for reading this entire comment because it seemed big anyway airsoft is probably the best and cheapest on the long run but airsoft is illegal in many states/countries but nerf can be played anywhere and indoors when its raining AMEN!!!

Think? - January 3, 2012

They have different target markets, obviosly there wil be exceptions but 90% of the time NERF is for kids and AIRSOFT is for adults.

If you are a kid saying Airsoft is better please admit that because obviously for you it will be better.

If you think Airsoft is better maybe you’ve played both and are in a better position to judge, while obviously acknowledging that for kids nerf is better.

For those who are uninformed / stupid, you can get airsoft guns which shoot further, do not hurt and have more ammo for less than $5. However you have the option if you want to go into the higher league of guns costing $100-$1500 and there are exceptions but mainly for collectors of $10,000.

Airsoft is cheaper because the equivelant airsoft gun to a nerf gun will cost less than $5, and the ammo you can get for those level guns will cost about $4 for 4000 bb’s. Most regular airsofters who use higher grade kit will refer to those as bb guns, and treat them as a completely different thing.

Proffesional grade guns can be bought from a site like this one:

Budget grade guns can be bought from a site like this one: (However this gun does sell some higher grade guns, and the electric rifles they sell for about £30 will be better quality than all nerf guns):

For any 3 year old who says “oh I can customize my nerf gun” or modifying it to make it shoot faster etc. People do not normally modify their airsoft guns because they buy one to their specification ie the power/rate of fire they want to have. However they are more modification options in airsoft e.g. motors, batteries, springs, gears, and attachments being every attachment can be fitted onto a real gun as they use realistic RIS Rails.

You can use airsoft inside and high and low grade levels. If your talking about being a child and playing with guns in your parents house for ten minutes running up and down the stairs, then the airsoft equivilant would be the $5 spring pistol, it doesn’t hurt! And chances are you would blink before it hit your eye enough to damage it. To take low budget guns up a level you could buy a $14 rapid fire e.g. uzi or mp5, they don’t hurt and fire just as fast as the small spring ones. If your older and enjoy airsoft there are professional CQB (close quarters combat) sites you can play on. Combat does hurt a bit however the sites regulate the speed of munitions to ensure it is not ridiculous. Those who prefer nerf who compare “house nerfing?” to that are being stupid as they should refer to the painless cheap $5 bb guns in a house, but to be safe, wear some goggles. At that level you could wear any goggles, like swimming ones you have lying around..

I prefer airsoft. It’s my choice but before you make a decision at least inform yourself by looking at those websites i listed, otherwise your just being ignorant.

nerf or airsoft ? - December 31, 2011

everybody shut-up just because you like nerf or airsoftit dosent mean everybody else has to like it.i like both ive got 3 nerf guns and 1 airsoft.stop saying nerf is better or airsoft is. people have difernt opinos.

Fm2111 - December 28, 2011

Hey! I got a Airsoft M92FS Beretta made by KWC, Costed about 100 Dollers, Springtype,
Okey price
Really happy for it.

Can cost up to 400Dollers for a LMG
Can shoot 20 bullets per minute
Looks ugly

Nerf is good, when you get above 8 try airsoft sport ;P -FM-

its me - December 14, 2011

hey and do any one know wher i could get good airsoft gun lots cheap im having a party.

its me - December 14, 2011

airsoft is better i have a dragunov and its awesome its full metal nerf u cant find a full metal one airsoft durable nerf gay and for kids breaks to easy and not as much fun as airsoft nerf needs to get a bigger variety.

David - December 12, 2011

okay, I can’t believe this has been going for almost 2 years. Okay here is the solution. Airsoft is good so is Nerf, Airsofters stop insulting Nerf and so do Nerf stop insulting Airsoft, They are both good, It just depends on the person. We all might have different perspectives. I am not insulting anyone here. here is a example, which is better, Buddhism or Moslem, Some people will think Ohhh Moslem is more realistic religion and some other dude says no Buddhism has more people ( I’m not either of those and I am not insulting either of those so please understand) which is the answer, Its so hard to tell, We have different perspectivs so stop arguing and Just do what you like, play nerf/ airsoft okay guys I would want no more arguing comments after this comment, 😀 Airsoft and Nerf Rocks 🙂

Samuraikidd - December 11, 2011

Nerf can hurt just as much as airsoft. Shot with a BBB or LS and simple streamlines can leave huge welts that last days. Get hit with a stefan and we’re talking paintball damage.

Samuraikidd - December 11, 2011

Lol. My modded ls can shoot straight through plywood. My friends 200 dollar 375 fps airsof gun just leaves a dent and bounces off. U MAD WHITEY?

brian - December 9, 2011

Tom airsoft guns are not toys it says so right on the warning label. Nerf is better for kids because its a toy and shoot foam darts and airsoft is better for older teens and adults because they shoot 6mm plastic bbs and they can brake skin.

Ranen - December 8, 2011

I’d like to point out that you really shouldn’t be comparing these since they are drastically different, and used in different situations. I’m also wondering why it’s not paintball vs. NERf, or better yet paintball vs. airsoft (that would make more sense). What about lasertag or squirt guns, (squirt guns are kind of used only in the summer though, to get people wet).

NERF is mainly intended for indoor use, and that is what it’s mostly intended for, if you do use it outside, it’s probably going to be in your backyard or a public place. That is the main advantage of NERF, you can use it indoors without getting paint on the walls or leaving dents (airsoft guns leave fairly noticeable dents in the wall, trust me). And you can use NERF in public places such as a park, without anyone mistaking it for a while gun. However NERF guns are horrible for playing on really big arena’s or in the woods, because they don’t shoot that far, and you can lose them, which is a bigger deal since they are intended for re-use.

Airsoft guns are mainly intended for outdoor use, or target practice (for a lot of the more realistic ones that are way to powerful, and painful to shoot at people, they often serve as a replacement for real guns that kids can use without getting arrested for not having a licence or something.) Airsoft guns also look more realistic, which is both a pro and a con, because you can feel like you’re using a real gun without going out and buying one and it performs more like a real gun and they have more features since they are based off real models and there are thousands of types of real guns, but you can’t take it to an office or something because the only way you can tell the difference (without looking up close at it) is the small orange tip. Airsoft guns also shoot way farther, definitely more than NERF, and usually more than paintball (although some of the cheap spring-powered ones might get worse ranges than some modded NERF guns). The range is good if you are playing on a really big battle field and need to make a shot over a long distance (but the wind can still affect the BB, like wind effects a real bullet but more so.)

Something that people don’t realize is that NERF hurts too, but definitely not as much as airsoft. NERF darts are like a quick sting, that hurt way more if the guns are modded. This can be both a pro and a con. Some people consider it “wimpy” that it doesn’t hurt that much, and prefer it to hurt as much as it can. The pro is that you can’t get hurt while using it. If you shoot somebody in the eye it’s going to hurt, but the’ll just be grabbing their eye for a few minutes, and will still have vision in that eye. You can also jokingly shoot people without majorly hurting, scaring, or angering them.

Airsoft hurts a lot more. I heard that airsoft hurts less than paintball, and I’ve been hit with a paintball, so I idiotically shot myself point-blank in the thigh with my little brother’s cheap airsoft pistol. It hurt, a lot more than I was expecting. It left a lasting sting, and a welt bigger than the BB. This is usually a con, since people don’t want it to hurt that bad. I’d personally prefer it hurt more like a noticeable impact that hurts more than a NERF dart, but significantly less than an airsoft BB. You should never shoot anyone in the eye with an airsoft gun, and you should never play without wearing a proper face mask with goggles. If you shoot someone in the eye, it will blind them in that eye, it will definitely cause an immense amount of pain, and it will probably cause some bleeding. You also can’t jokingly shoot someone around the house because you could hurt them, and it would freak them out.

Another thing I should point out is that it’s only the stock NERF guns that get petty ranges of 20-30 feet. Most hardcore NERFers mod their guns to get ranges of AT LEAST 50-100 feet. It can often exceed that depending on what you do. They also will do other mods to it to add features and spray paint them to customize them and make them look cooler (as opposed to airsoft where all the guns are black, or occasionally just camouflage.) Modding also helps make you more mechanically inclined and creative. People can get really creative with NERF guns. I mod NERF guns, and I mod them WAY more than I actually play with them. I’ve almost always been mechanically inclined and liked to tinker with things and see how they work (I’d take apart pens and stuff.) I like testing their ranges and taking them apart to improve them and make them better, as it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Aside from modding I actually seldom ever have any NERF battles, since there is usually hardly anyone around to battle with. So I usually fix them all and save them in case we have a quick fun battle in the living room. I should also mention that some people would add airsoft parts to their guns and then spray paint them camo and stuff. The down side is that if you don’t do it right you can end up breaking it, or losing pieces, and it’s annoying to have to mod your guns just so they can get decent ranges (although the Vortex guns get great ranges unmodded, and can easily reach over 50 feet, and up to 100.)

People can and have modded airsoft guns, but it’s not nearly as popular, especially since you can only mod spring powered ones. Most of the mods are probably just power mods, and are somewhat unnecessary. It’d probably just make it hurt more.

Also there are plenty of adults (and a lot of college students) that use NERF guns. It can be used by any age, young or old.

There are also lots of little kids that use airsoft guns. My brother knows a lot of elementary schoolers that use Airsoft.

Overall I like all of them, and use them in their appropriate places and times. I plan on getting some airsoft guns, and NERF guns. I seriously don’t see why we can’t just get along and RESPECT and APPRECIATE each other.

Nerfer - December 4, 2011

Basically, to wrap it up:

Nerf isn’t just for little kids. I’m 15 years old and I like nerf just because i don’t need to find a suitable place to play it, and the fact that my parents care about my safety. HOWEVER, if you are lucky, and CAN get an airsoft, i have no doubt that it would be just as fun as nerf.

In conclusion, airsoft is dangerous, more realistic, but nerf is an all around game, can be played anwhere, and is just a sh*tload of fun to play. xD

Jack - November 26, 2011

How the hell can you even compare the two? Nerf guns are cheap toys for little kids, airsoft guns(not walmart guns- Kwa, GG, Systema PTW) are for adults. Airsoft guns easily shoot 150 feet- the effective range of an 9mm subgun, while nerf guns shoot 20-30 feet. Also, because nerf doesnt hurt, at all, people just do crazily stupid things because they lnow they wont get hurt. Airsoft is MILSIM, the guns are meant to be realistic and real life tactics are meant to be used. Without range on guns, or any pain being felt as a result of getting hit. Nerf is fun when you are looking after younger kids, whos parents wont let them play airsoft, which given age is understandable. However, unlike airsoft, its impossible to take nerf seriously. Basically, play airsoft, or atleast paintball, not nerf. End of rant. Sighs….

James - November 20, 2011

Guys stop fighting. Honestly Nerf is a amazing game, and yes relatively it is a much safer game and cheaper… While Nerf has man different factors why it is loved around the globe, airsoft has reasons too.
Airsoft, yes it is true that it is much more expensive, but in the airsoft community there are “low costly airsoft guns” which means they arn’t the best airsoft guns out there they are still fun to play with. Airsoft is a more strategic game, because you can not dodge a BB flying out of a full metal barrel at 400FPS at a range of 2ft, Airsoft also isnt that dangerous if you aquire the right gear. And airsoft is used for military and police training through out the world.
Oh and i saw a Nerf Vulcan at wall mart the other day, it was $40, i saw an airsoft at the exact some wall mart for $28 and came with BB’s and full face mask.
Nerf is not better than airsoft because of the reasons recently explained. And if you really think Nerf is better than one of the most World Wide popular games, you sir really need to drop your foam darts that go 10ft. and pick up some real fun that goes 200ft.

The End - November 16, 2011

That’s all folks!

Andrew - November 14, 2011

nerf is fun and you can modifie it, bb gus suck when they break, thats why i lost my eyes exep for th right, please dont rport me, im only 11 and no more bad language

Blank - November 14, 2011

Airsoft would only be dangerous if not handled properly, hence the older age group required to handle such with responsibility, who would be an ass and aim down an airsoft rifle at a cop? come on people, nerf or airsoft, aiming at a cop is bad, it’s like training people for an actual assault

Airsoft games, given the right equipment and rules, can be safe, the reason why they require that when the game is over, they should remove the magazine, pull the bolt and squeeze the trigger to make sure that it has no round chambered,

Maybe the only reason why some immature nerf panzies rage about an actual sport is because they feel too much like a BA,

Look: I have an airsoft gun, and it’s cheap, I got it on the market for about $9, (M4A1, yeah, from PH) and it’s still with me for 2 years, with proper care that is,

I don’t run around carrying an airsoft gun and shoot random people, I take care in using them, that’s why I only load 1 round into the mag (not chambered) in case some immature idiot breaks inside my house and tries to shoot me with a nerf gun


Nerf: you can say it’s safe, but if you go around and lauch darts at anyone, you might hit them in the eye

You say it has a “tactical rail”, I say airsoft has a picanny rail, which can attach real military attachments, which include but are not limited to: Scopes, Holographic sights, and tac lights

Nerf lacks a proper rail interface system, just slide that in there, done, but in airsoft, some attachments must be fastened so that they won’t break/come of easily in case you use CO2 guns,

Oversized guns and accessories are too damn annoying, have you ever seen the red dot projector (since it’s not a real laz0r) on the “Recon CS-6”? you would notice the size when compared to an Aimpoint, aimpoint is far less in volume and that gives it mobility to use in crowded areas


Even though I favor airsoft more, you would agree that with less care, it’s dangerous, that’s why you need proper gear, I also bought camo pants, jacket, vest a green helmet and a mask and it’s not as painful as it may seem, but the better safety precaution to follow: not for immature kids who run and shoot, parents should go over that.

Nerf could be fun, but remember, nerf and airsoft are based on the same concept: guns, the bipods, tripods, scopes, “laser”, vertigrips, horigrips, mags, bolt, stocks, etc. are based on real-world military ordinance, so there’s very little difference from the two, but, both guns must be used by the proper age group, for responsibility and other issues, kids should stick to nerf because of their weak bodies, teens should be the ones to get airsoft because of the responsibility it requires for safe use, men use paintball because they can take the pain and avoid the cost

Now come flame me trolls, just telling the truth

Noobs - November 13, 2011

Ladies calm down its all about preference if you like getting hurt play airsoft and if you have 200 to 800 bucks play airsoft if you dont like getting hurt and have 40 bucks buy nerf . stop acting like pussies . hate somewhere else airsoft fanboys

epicness - November 13, 2011

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALrighty then. Ya know what? I own BOTH and I say this: Nerf is for anybody anybody can play it I’m gonna go get my modified Longshot and chronograph it to see if they’re REALLY THAT WEAK!!!!!! Hey, airsofters, WHY THE (censored) ARE YOU ON A (censored) NERF SITE???? Now, airsoft is a competitive sport that involves the RISK OF DYING I know how many amateur Airsofters there are out there, who always shoot to the face which should be fine if you’re not a dumbass and wear face protection. They think because in CoD you’re supposed to shoot people in the head when you’re really not supposed to Airsoft is realistic therefore you treat it like a real gun which does NOT involve shooting each other. Now, a shot to the balls will KILL you and there are so many immature airsofters who would get someone’s testicles removed as opposed to Experienced Nerfers who would never do that and if they did, YOU’RE TESTICLES ARE STILL THERE SUKKA!!!! Nerf is for CQB (Close Quarters Battle) and requires a TON more strategy than airsoft. It also requires a ton more on-the-spot thinking, etc. And Airsoft requires less reflex due to you seeing your enemy miles before they get to you, and I know that they can shoot you from that far as opposed to Nerf but you have more time to get in cover. Nerf is also accurate. I got a springer a few months ago saying it could “Hit a Quarter from 20 feet using .2 BBs” and I did the SAME THING with my nerf which costed me like $20 less so you get the same quality for your money. Airsoft is FUN, but I know many unfortunate kids that can’t play airsoft due to their parents (In fact, my parents disagreed until I told them I’d pay, that I would never shoot someone, and DIDN’T tell them that you have to be 18 to buy it.) Also my parents don’t let me play CoD, but I’ve played it it’s a waste of time it’s nothing like airsoft, which is live and you are actually the one with the gun. Airsoft it realistic, Nerf is for people who aren’t able to play Airsoft due to price, parents, looking for an alternative, etc. and nerf is a GREAT alternative. You use the same tactics, everything about nerf is the same as airsoft but Nerf is safer, allowing fun for the whole family.

Zach - November 2, 2011

nerf is better because of many reasons, however, airsoft if for all those COD losers who think they’re “cool” because they can get shot by a weak bb gun, but in reality are just to pussy to join the military like a big boy!

Noah - November 1, 2011

You all are idiots, airsoft is not a toy nor is a bb gun. A bb gun shoots metal pelets and is used for skeet shooting, a airsoft is a plastic pelet that bairly stings after a while. Nerf is cool yeah but you all go around acting all cool because you can modify your guns, I’ll tell you this now you can do the same in airsoft. Airsoft is not ment for children hints the you gotta be eighteen to buy one. Also people who think walmart guns are good guns are horrible, check out airsoftgi or evike. Airsoft isn’t a toy and is ment to be treated like a real gun, idiots who think other wise look up SB798 and you’ll realise that your the idiot who almost got that in effect. All I’m saying is it’s the law to have a fourth of your barrel orange on any toy gun, the cops don’t care if it look fake or not they’ll still shoot you if your pointing it at them…take safty precautions into every single thing you do because when push comes to shove and you think your cool running around with a black nerf gun and a cop sees you, you might get a ticket then it’ll be as much as an airsoft gun! I used to be big into nerf so don’t think I’m just some harping airsoft player but, I like airsoft more because it is actually fun to spray down people with 350-500 fps! Anyways what I’m trying to say is airsoft is not a toy because it can infact get you killed in more than one way.

Jakeairsofter - October 29, 2011

Airsoft is so much better!
1. Airsoft guns are realistic and sleek while nerf guns are heavy and bulky and totally fake looking!
2. 10 nerf bullets takes up as much space as 2000 airsoft bbs
3. Airsoft guns are long range
4. there are 1000s and 1000s of airsoft guns while there are maybe 150 nerf guns
5. airsoft guns can be full auto, semi auto, and there’s safe mode. Nerf guns only have terrible full autos and they also have spring powered.
That was five reasons airsoft is better then nerf

Ismael - October 26, 2011

Yeah airsoft all the way nerf is for vaginas anyone who plays nerf might as well go back to wearing superman underwear i have my own airsoft team here in Las Vegas NV were called 702 airsoft and airsoft is hardcore HOOAH to anyone who plays a

callum - October 25, 2011

lets face it theres no major reasons why one is better than the other. ive never used airosoft because im in aus. but ive got some things on nerf in aus nerf is easier to find, in aus you need a licence to use airosoft well at least in tassie. but it depends on the interests of the person plus how much money/ dedication you put in. but i prefer nerf because ive used it plus you dont need to be 18 and need a licence. This is never going to end no matter what.

Tman - October 5, 2011

Airsoft is for people who arnt scared to get hit by bbs and airsoft isnt a toy look at all boxes it say’s this is not a toy adult supervison required also if you 6-7 or 8-10 nerf might be your thing

-Matthew - September 29, 2011

Nerf and airsoft are both very good systems.

I have actually played in a full blown nerf war of approximately 50 persons involved capture the flag style. And yes I had one heck of a time.
Nerf can be very expensive too. for this battle alone I bought over 100 nerf darts and two extra CS clips for $60 (I was using a Recon CS-6.) Only about 30 darts survive the battle in usable condition so I lost approximately $35 in darts. That said I also didn’t have to worry about coming home with what would look allot like chicken pox after getting broadsided by 6 heavy machine gunners.

Airsoft guns can cost a lot of money, But I managed to find a used anodized stainless steel and plycarbonate H&K MP7 repica at 350fps for only $40. And ammunition is only $14 for 5,000 high grade 0.20g biodegradable pellets.

For all those who say airsoft is extremely dangerous. Note that the absolute minimum required force to penetrate skin is 1 foot pound. My airsoft gun firing 0.20g pellets at ~340fps generates only a meager ~0.43 foot pounds. This may hurt but by no means is easily able to cause anything worse than a small welt.
Also, It is strongly recommended by manufacturers that any airsoft gun higher than 400fps is not used for any mock combat unless it is a long range rifle used at over 100ft.

I would personally prefer nerf for indoor environments because of the ease of carrying them and not having worry about causing serious damage to my house (It’s also a lot easier to clean up after) But by far airsoft is superior for out door use.

And any ways airsoft is suposed to hurt a little, otherwise people wouldn’t be motivated to figure out how to avoid getting shot. Thats why I built airsoft trip mines and grenades.


P.S. I can hit a pencil standing on end from over 30ft with my Recon.

Kenny - September 26, 2011

Well, Airsoft all the way!!! Although I have a nerf gun just to annoy my friends with when they come over, but for a combat, nerf is just for little kids. If you over ten nerf battles can look very gay.

erafe - September 15, 2011

Airsoft is better then nerf as you can get airsoft guns from walmart for %10 that fire farther then the longshot and can be modded. Also j4xg your a dumbass, maybe you should go back to school and stop making statements without doing any research. Airsoft can be cheaper because the mean price of a nerf gun is $20 while you can get airsoft guns better then the longshot for $5. Also to anyone complaining that airsoft is messy, you can buy biodegradable bbs (they are also digestible) for 5$ for a pack of 5000. Biodegradable bbs also tend to shrink and soften when exposed to the outside world for an hour.

j4xg - August 26, 2011

Everyone, calm down. Now, Nerf is the better of the two for many reasons. First of all, if you lose a dart big deal. you can just go to any retail store and buy a pack of ten for 5$. Airsoft BB’s can remove eyes, enter the skin and can easily be choked on. For examples, small pets such as puppies or birds can choke on BB’s which will probably result in serious injury or death. Same for Human infants. Airsoft is dangerous if sufficient protection is ignored, I have seen many 13 year old douchebags think they are cool because they ignore protection. Now for all you who are going to bash at me calling me a pussy, would you rather have a safe fun time, or be sad for the rest of your life, blind from an eye all because of a tiny plastic pellet?

Michael Jackson - August 25, 2011

I personally like Airsoft better, it’s very difficult to play Nerf outside, the guns can’t fire far and if you lose a dart your screwed. With Airsoft you can buy a container of 5000 BB’S and you dont have to reload every 5 minutes. My Thompson can hold 1000 BB’s and I have a lot of fun with it. For those who haven’t tried it it’s awesome and if you dont want to fork out a lot of money you can buy a pistol for like 20 dollars and then if you like it you can get a better gun later. They actually don’t hurt very much, I just have a paintball helmet, a military jacket and baggy cameo pants and then it doesn’t hurt it all! I also enjoy Nerf but I rather Airsoft that’s just my opinion 🙂

Bob - August 22, 2011

Im moding my nerf gun. I put a CO2 cylinder. But airsoft is alot better. Airsoft isn’t even dangerous (if treated the guns like real firearms and the right equipment. Nerf is also a piece of crap, I bought one for my cousin and I dropped it by accident and it broke.

Anonymous - August 19, 2011

You have 3 reasons why nerf is better than airsoft, I hVe 5 reasons why airsoft is better than nerf.

1. It’s more accurate
2. Looks nicer
3. Doesn’t break so fast
4. You can actually go to games with them
5. You can upgrade it which is where most of the fun comes from.

Not available - August 17, 2011

Lol, ok, The two arn’t comparable. How should I word this? Nerf, it is fun. So is airsoft. Airsoft is a more dangerous, but thats why it takes more responsibility. you can’t just run out and shoot at people. also, movement is involved. Your talking about in nerf, little range on a little course. In airsoft, lots of range on a large course. Your gonna have to run. Airsoft is more physicly (how ever its spelt) demanding. but seriously is like comparing an apple to congress.(lol) And nerf, yes its fun. I like to go to friends grab a nerf gun and just run around like chickens with their heads cut off and shoot. But when I’m ready to get serious, I go airsoft. And yea they might be expensive. your talking quality and how well its made. plus, airsoft is really not something you just run out and do. If your gonna play, you should be a little serious about playing airsoft.
Plus, airsoft can be played indoors. its called a CQC course. Just go there, put your gun on semi, and have fun. Nerf, yea you can play at home. But to me, airsoft is something to get serious about. Nerf is just a really fun thing to go out and do

Alex - August 16, 2011

Peace out!

unknown :p - August 15, 2011

Airsoft and nerf are tied they have pros & cons

bert - August 14, 2011

there’s a reason that airsoft is sold to +18, and nerf commercials have 7 year olds in them…

also, ever heard of real cap mags for airsoft guns people??? they don’t wind, and have the capacities of the real gun counterparts, many airsoft guns are made with the same materials as, and weighted to be like the real gun, so i believe this settles the realism part. And airsoft is much safer than baseball, soccer, football, basketball, etc. unless you are a complete idiot who doesn’t play in responsible places, or wear proper headgear. nerf is a childs toy which is like playing dodge ball with gun shaped launchers. they’re foam and travfel so slowly, and you usually have to cock the slide/ bolt/ whatever/ if you want to fire. So in my mind airsoft is closer to simulated warfare (law enforcement uses airsoft to simulate violent situations), while nerf is simply childsplay but can be good cheap fun in your house


Stephen - August 14, 2011

You guys are all stupid nerf is WAAAAAY more realistic than airsoft. I mean does a real pistol hold like 60 rounds and fire little plastic pellet things? Yeah I didn’t think so. Who cares that the gun look realistic it’s if they feel more realistic. And airsoft guns are made out of suckish 3mm plastic that cracks and breaks if you just hit it against something. Or you could go out and by a full metal airsoft gun for like an extra 100$ to show that you are a true noob. I cant argue on how fun it is to play because trust me it sure is fun but it doesn’t have that cool or awesome factor that nerf has even though yeah they do shoot 30ft stock and shoot foam darts but hey, there more realistic than airsoft because theyre shaped like a real bullet and nerf guns jam just like a real gun does. And even if nerf guns look like there from the future they still look cool and have nice paint jobs, plus they have easy names so you can tell your friend hey I have a raider and a stampede and they would know what gun that is easily other than airsoft where your like hey I have a xm8 or I got a mac11 and half the time they would be like, what? So my point is that is if your still reading this is that nerf rules, AIRSOFT SUCKS………NERF FTW!!!!!

Matt - August 9, 2011

Nerf is fun as hell, airsoft is for pussies. If you wanted to have a real shooting game that has good ballistics you would play paintball.

NerfIsHomosexual - August 7, 2011

All right ill just lay it out there, Nerf is honestly very very childish and basically just plain crap. however airsoft is only slightly better. because as an airsoft owner im 15 and grew out of that s*** like 10 years ago, im an air rifle person, and before you fags say, “Well airsoft is an air riife” your wrong (unless its co2 then your kinda right but stil meh). i’d like to see you shoot a jack rabbit in the body and put a hole in it with a nerf or an airsoft peice o’ shat. unlikely. But thats just my better, and correct opinion. my stance, dont be a puswad and by a REAL air gun. A 2700 FPS PEICE OF PURE AWESOME. but if your like 7 go get mommy to buy you an airsoft for like 45$ and thats like top shelf.

unknown :p - August 6, 2011

every ones a critic
-____- lokk I like nerf but idc about people who play airsoft and 4 people who think im childish u r retarded because its not gonna kill u if I like nerf so back off

The first Zombie - August 5, 2011

anyone that reads this comment please read thatonerandomguy’s comment because it currently gives THE most sensible response.

Now for my opinion, I personally prefer nerf (and I’m 18) and its simply because I love a challange nerf darts move very slowly at a distance making it more difficult to hit your target if its moving, (thats my favorite part), and you can play one hell of a zombies game just round up about two or three dozen kids and viola! one army of the undead!
But I’m running out of targets (athletic players) in my area so I’m slowly going airsoft, but I’m keeping my passion for nerf FOREVER!

Atsoc - July 16, 2011

I agree with nATHAN. You should work on your grammer. Also, airsoft is painful. Nerf is too, but it will not remove my eye or blow holes in my testicles.

thatonerandomguy - June 19, 2011

You really can’t compare the three (someone brought paintball into the discussion). Not because one isn’t ‘worthy’ of the other or some dumb crap like that, they just have different game feels for each one. I have personally battled in all three games (Paintball, airsoft, and nerf) and I have to say, they all feel different. Not trying to insult anyone here, but I’m willing to bet at least 3/4 of the people who are being unreasonably baised for one of the three sports have not even tried the other two. Nerf is exclusively ‘casual’ play, with close ranges and not very serious or long battles, but that doesn’t mean they’re not fun or can get intense in some situations. The guns are cheap and require no maintenance. The ammo’s not too cheap though, but it’s reusable. The tradeoff, performance (accuracy and power) and durability (plastic construction). Airsoft is heavy on Military Simulation (Milsim), with focus on realism and performance. There are also more upgrade parts and accesories for airsoft, but you can expect to pay some serious $$$ for airsoft, and the guns do require maintenance (especially propane gas blowbacks, it’s lubing time every 2 or 3 freaking games, ridiculous!). Ammo’s laughably cheap though, at $10-15 for 5,000 high precision .20g. Paintball leans more to that ‘competitive sport’ feel. They’re not that big on realism, but on performance. Accuracy is good, but not dead on. Power is good too, especially on the higher price models. Tradeoff is PRICE. The gun isn’t terribly expensive, but the ammo over a long time is! I loved all three, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be airsoft, and only because I like realistic guns (I have a gas blowback G36C rifle). So come on guys, if you’re really mature, be a little more accepting of the other sports. This person was only expressing his point of view. Here’s mine: Nerf rules! Airsoft rules! Paintball rules!

P.S. to that guy that said we should just get real guns (in the comments above), I’ve shot them before and they are FUN. The thing is, if we were to have a war with them, I have a feeling the battle would be really short and there wouldn’t be any replays (at least not with the same people). No fair, YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO CALL YOURSELF OUT!!

matthew - June 15, 2011

dont get into that i love paintball cas paintball is sc-fi but airsoft is realistic nerf is for pussys

Guinea - June 10, 2011

Can a nerf gun shoot over 80 metres? some how i dont think so….

There extremely tacky and made for kids, so i can see no way in hell that these have anything to do with being better than Airsoft guns.

Heres some of the guns i own.

V - June 6, 2011


yes, but how long does it take? ya got no tactical rails.
and you can use melee weps in airsoft, but they’re not made by airsoft, are they?

And as Jonathan said, why the heck are you even on a a nerf site?!


Wow... - May 31, 2011

Wow… This has been going on for what? 2, 3 years now? Im 14 and I dont even fight like this… Does it really matter who plays what? The guy who wrote this was just saying his opinion. I play Nerf because thats all I can afford and thats what my friends play. If they used Airsofts, and I had more money, Id use those. But does it really matter in the long run?
Come on now people.

Anonymous - May 30, 2011

If you don’t want to get caught up in a massive analysis, then just skip this comment, otherwise sit back and enjoy the jargon.

Airsoft/Nerf Comparison


• Legal worldwide
• Harmless, no pain
• Good for young children, specifically 8-12 years old
• Affordable
• Safe for indoor use

• Poor range, rate of fire, muzzle velocity and accuracy compared to airsoft
• Crosswinds easily throw darts off-target
• Not a proper RIS (Rail Integrated System)
• Less practical outdoors
• Small magazine sizes (6-count clips, 18-count clips, and 35-count drums)
• Bright, easily visible colors destroying all chance at camouflage in desert, woodland, and urban environments unless painted
• Nerf players are vulnerable to ridicule from most airsoft players (not good for teenagers focused on self-image)
• Gets boring after a while, no adrenaline rush
• Easy to jam, although mostly caused by human error
• Low muzzle velocity and high-visibility pink foam makes darts incredibly easy to evade in open areas
• Not as durable as airsoft
• Not good for professional use
• Few accessories that mostly can only be obtained by purchasing another gun
• Accessories are obsolete due to non-conventional functioning, deeming them practically useless outside of CQC scenarios


• Good for teenagers and adults, specifically ages +13
• Excellent for outdoor and indoor use (indoor being somewhat of a con)
• Realistic look (also somewhat of a con)
• Good airsoft guns can reach incredible muzzle velocity, range and rate of fire, and have almost pinpoint accuracy
• Plastic BB’s for less harmful impact
• BB’s are thrown off-course less drastically than foam darts by crosswinds due to high speed and small size
• Comes in gunmetal black, as well as other realistic camouflage colors to blend in with any environment
• Huge adrenaline rush, keeps you entertained
• Proper RIS (unless it is a certain gun has no RIS)
• Realistic and practical accessories suitable for any scenario
• Airsoft players are open to very little, almost non-existent ridicule (good for teenagers focusing on self-image)
• Jams are only caused by human error, wear-and-tear, wrong BB type, or wrong battery, also counting as human error for giving it the wrong battery/BB type in the first place
• Much more durable than Nerf, if properly constructed, built with quality, and treated with care
• Good for professional use, even used in military and law enforcement training
• Includes real-life accessories including optics, silencers, grips, BB grenade launchers, and butt stocks
• No need to purchase an extra gun for more accessories

• Realistic look can be mistaken for real gun even with high-visibility blaze orange tip, thus drawing unwanted attention, therefore it must be held in a carrying case when taken outdoors until used
• Impractical for household indoor use, will most likely damage property if not handled responsibly
• Very painful if not wearing proper protection gear, or accustomed to pain
• Legal in most, but not all countries
• Leads to tiring debates with parents
• Very expensive, at least $100
• Crimes committed with airsoft (i.e.: robbery, terrorism, holding hostages) are considered as severe as if they were done with real firearms
• Although having no age restriction to use one in the U.S., the buyer must be at least 18 years of age (simply put, a minor can use and own one as long as his/her parent/legal guardian is the one purchasing it)
• Low-quality airsoft guns break easily

nick - May 23, 2011

all u people how like nerf more are just wimps, face it airsoft is so much more better. nerf is for my 5 year old brother when i play airsoft and paintball both stop nerf in to the ground and for those who say airsoft hurts its nothing compaired to paintball and thats whole point its for real men not wimps like you. i bet you cant even feel the nerf bullet when it hits you and most airsoft cqb corses are in door, so those of you who like nerf just do me a favior and grow the f up ok and drop some balls and go play a mans sport like airsoft or paintball

ts20fan - May 15, 2011

Thank you jonathan. That is so true.

longshot - May 13, 2011

All of u are idiots.go paintball!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jonathan - May 5, 2011

With nerf you can use foregrips, scopes,lasers, bipods, monopods, tripods, lights, and I made a grenade launcher for nerf guns.

Nerf can use mags like airsoft,
and, if you say airsoft is better,
why are you even on this site.

jackal - May 4, 2011

to V, just cuz someone said you can put scopes doesnt mean its the only one available, in airsoft you can put a foregrip, tactical lights and lasers, ranger plates and even grenade launchers. And when a real steel gun gets cancelled it doesnt mean all airsoft versions of it ive seen thompsons, m16a1s and more still on sale. And yes there are some people who bring and use melee weapons in airsoft but most of the time its there for private games with custom rules like zombies games

Miguel - April 28, 2011

You guys are all stupid. Airsoft is a real sport and so is paintball. BB guns are not the same as Airsoft. BB guns shoot smaller metal BBs and they are for target shooting. Airsoft is a game with military simulation. Airsoft shoots plastic BBs. I recommend Nerf guns for ages 5-12. I recommend Paintball for ages 10+ and Airsoft for ages 13+. Kids should enjoy Nerf. Because later they will want an Airsoft gun. Most of us airsofters started off playing with Nerf guns. Then, we moved on to Airsoft. Do you think it’s ok for a high schooler to play with foam blasters?!?!?!? Well of course no!

V - April 23, 2011

Nerf is better. I asked a kid in school, ‘Can you mod an Airsoft?’
‘uh, sure, you can add a scope.’

Seriously, guys, a SCOPE? With Nerf, all you need is the tactical rail, scope in half a second.
N-Force also adds an edge to the fight. Airsoft- no swords.

Airsoft BBs are also more dangerous, and complicated. Nerf’s darts are way softer, with a less chance of injury. And NNAirsoft, it’s harder to find a silver or black (METAL) BB, than a neon orange clip dart.

Nerf is also cheaper, and have more creativity. Airsoft have to rely on true guns in order to make a new model. What will happen if all gun production is canceled? No more Airsoft, that’s what.

Soon people are going to get bored of all the same Airsoft guns, and then we will see who stands.

NNAirsoft - April 11, 2011

In the end, airsoft is better because they are more realistic and nerf is more expensive. Though airsoft costs around 200-300 for high end guns, the bbs are quite cheap compared to nerf where you have to find the foams. If you lose them, you have to buy a pack of 10 for 5 dollars. Rip off. With 10 dollars, you can buy a lot more bullets. Airsoft is adrenaline rushing because of the fact that it will hurt if you get shot. Nobody really plays airsoft indoors unless they go to Tac City or something. Have you seen the commercials for Nerf? The one they show with teens is embarrasing. I bet they were payed and were usual paintballers or airsofters. The people who back nerf up here are little kids I bet because no adult or teen would want to touch a nerf gun. Good bye Nerf.

Redscall - April 6, 2011

Well either way i would have to say that air soft is the better of the two and can be used in A LOT more conditions than nerf. But if you think about it nerf is kinda just a crappy version of airsoft guns, i mean just look at the firing system, same air compression system. So yea Airsoft is way better

weston - January 31, 2011

nerf, sucks, its for little kids, i play paintball, never touched a airsoft gun, but i know for a fact that nerf is not better that airsoft, nerf is for little 3 year olds, if your older than 6, be a man and play paintball/airsoft

Brian D - January 27, 2011

nerf is for people with down syndrome
I can pee further than a nerf gun

POTHEAD - January 17, 2011


G_man - January 15, 2011

You guys are funny do you always make ridiculous arguments like this. I like because it is fun. I love to create my own guns and see if I can get them to shoot better and faster than other peoples stock guns. Not to make arguments on a comment wall.

andrew - October 11, 2010

caleb airsoft is not a matter on who pulls the trigger first what happens if you miss? there is a good chance you will miss when you are like 50 m away from your target

asgagashsa - September 17, 2010

if you guys really want to play airsoft indoors just get a 300 fps gun that costs only $60 or change the spring and airsoft guns last longer and are more durable then nerf guns

caleb - September 16, 2010

Well, I think that NERF is only good in certain areas. You can play nerf inside without boarding up the walls. It is also for people who dont want to spend hundreds of dollars for a gun they cant use inside. If someone doesnt have a big yard, airsoft is pointless because it is just a matter about who can pull the trigger first.
for people who like the most realistic thing possible, Airsoft is better. For people who have some extra cash and have a place to use them, Airsoft is better. For people who are total antisocial freaks….arguing about which is better is the way to go.

=))))))))) - September 3, 2010

airsoft is better then nerf and airsoft is very safe to play unless you are using a 500 fps gun at 1 feet at someone who is not wearing the proper eye protection

andrew - August 30, 2010

Just because airsoft shoots farther and faster does not mean there is less movement involved because airsoft shoots farther and faster and that means if you just stand still you will be hit very easily so that is why there is a lot of movement!

andrew - August 18, 2010

Airsoft is better and there is a lot of moving and skill involved in airsoft you do not just stand in one place and just shoot at people and if someone says ‘wait until i get my longstrike out then lets see what you got to say’ well lets see when i bring out my crappy walmart gun and kick yo ass

    NerfGuns.net Admin - August 19, 2010

    There isn’t more moving in airsoft. The guns shoot faster, and farther, so people move less to avoid getting hit.

justin - August 17, 2010

Loooooooovvvvvveeeeee nerf. who would wanna waste a 10-60$ on a an awesome fun thing.
shut the f up tim or im gonna rip my own weiner off and shove it up my own butt.

1234 - August 17, 2010






justin - July 10, 2010

nerf is for little kids.Who cares if airsoft hurts.Tim i bet you play with nerf guns all the time. Airsoft is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. Tim is a fail.

justin - July 4, 2010

In my opinion Air soft is better. Nerf are little kids.And Tim shut the f-up.Tom, tell me a reason why Nerf is better besides safety,and how much it coasts.

note, Tim is a fail.

Tim - June 24, 2010

Hey “luis”, please put up a scrutable argument with words we can actually read. Thats just “fake and childish”(luis 2010)

luis - June 9, 2010

airsoft is for little kids, but airsoft is for real men!!

nerf sucks you cat even feel the nerf darts and the nerf guns are so fake and childish

luis - June 9, 2010

oops sorry the first airsoft it should be nerf

Brad - January 26, 2010

sorry i meant tom i wasnt reading

Brad - January 26, 2010

Yeah tim, lets also talk about the new Longstrike CS-6 and the new Deploy CS-6 while Tom and friends talk about airsoft and insult us nerfers and making the game they support look bad.

Tom - January 23, 2010

sorry brad nerf is still ccool and you arent wimps didnt me to say that cant wait till the longstrike comes out lets talk about that instead

Brad - January 21, 2010

Look, Airsoft looks fun and cool, but Nerf is superior in 3 ways:
1.Price (4 to 40 dollars)
2.Safety (its foam)
3.Customization (All nerf fans should immediately know what I’m talking about,tactical rail,anybody?)
And if anyone calls me scared to get hit by airsoft bbs well why don’t you go jump off a bridge playing airsoft doing it. Oh and not to mention….Airsoft is BANNED in most major cities, Children like in 5th or lower in grade level have been killed because an officer has mistaken an airsoft gun or 2 for a real gun..And what are you doing on here Tom or anyone who calls nerfers stupid and weak because its a NERF website, and nerf is OUR HOBBY, why don’t you go to an airsoft website before you poison the web.

ARK - January 20, 2010

haha true but i think there is a lot more movment in nerf then airsoft. in airsoft if you go behind a tree your stuck there untill you dye or you get the other guy. you cant get pind donw in nerf but i have a blast playing bouth.

Billy D. - January 18, 2010

I agree with steve from above. but as far as my own opinion, nuts to you all, get real guns n stop flinching everytime you hear a balloon pop!

Mike - January 14, 2010

Nerf: indoors, safer
Airsoft: outdoors, more intense

Now stop arguing and enjoy both like I do

brendan - January 10, 2010

Hey fags…if you play airsoft so much why are you on a NERF website this web site it about NERF not AIRSOFT so how bout you go on an AIRSOFT website and talk about AIRSOFT

Tom - January 9, 2010

stupid idiots airsoft is better end of story wuss

boo - January 7, 2010

I like both nerf and airsoft but airsoft has better range and is funner to play with

ARK - January 3, 2010

do you mean me using profanity Tim?

Tim - January 1, 2010

Oh yes,I forgot. Umm… why are you on this website? Tom?

Tim - January 1, 2010

There is no use for profanity you child.

Timmy - December 30, 2009

Tyler is a dumbass 1.just because airsoft costs like $200 does not mean nerf is more fun to play with then airsoft 2.everyone i know who plays nerf is a douchebag and has know friends(dont ask how i know them) 3.when you modify your nerf gun to an airsoft gun it is still not an airsoft gun and it shoots like 10 feet one shot per min 4. even a walmart airsoft gun is better then a modded nerf gun that shots 135ft flat and finally tyler CQB airsoft is not playing in a house its playing in a building meant for people to play airsoft in you jew!

ARK - December 30, 2009

DAN ARE YOU STUPIED OR DO YOU JUST NEED A LOGIC CORSE. when i say .20 is weak i meen that .28 and.30 are way harder. Sam you could not even kiss your GF. i fight aftermath guns all the time. Tyler i would not say nerf is “way better” but it is fun. YOU BUNCH OF P S. get back to me what you get out of kindergarden. i’ll be in westpoint by then. where talking about nerf guns here not moms yours must have droped you a good one when you were 2. STUPIED.

Dan - December 29, 2009

ARK YOU DUMBASS the only reason u say 0.20gram bbs r weak because u got shot by one and cried like a pussy

Sam - December 29, 2009

I agree with Tommy nerf is for pussies and Tyler i had sex with your mom in your bed no really i did nice starwars sheets

Tyler - December 28, 2009

@tommy I’m not scared to get hit by a airsoft gun nor is it too expensive. I just prefer nerf becuase one it’s cheaper and really how many times are you going to play airsoft in your house? I’ll answer that 0!!!! Nerf is fun for those who still have an inner child not some douche who thinks he’s cool becuase his mommy bought him a airsoft gun for christmas. And some don’t even like to play nerf they just like to modify nerf guns which is completely understandable becuase some are interested in air pressure, which is cool and it seems to be more fun. becuase in airsoft you are running around and shooting eachother from longdistances and with greater ROF and ammo capacity, who really cares about that? and in nerf you feel like a kid becuase you stop and think holy shit im running around with a toy gun!!! and not some competetive game that is stupid, and its dangerous, I’m not a safe freak but its way to dangerous for a game. and they dont look like real guns at all most of them are seethrough which they have seethrough nerf guns and other airsoft guns are just black with a orange tip. which most “modders” paint they’re guns black and leave some parts orange, and why would you buy a $200 airsoft gun when they’re is modifications that you can do to a nerf gun to make it shoot airsoft bb’s pretty decently. SO yeah nerf is way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARK - December 24, 2009

I WOULD LOVE TO PLAY AIRSOFT IN THE HOUSE THAT YOU DO. but when its raining out side and you dont want to blow out your 400$ gun. nerf is good for times like that. .20 GRAMS ARE YOU KIDDING ME THAT IS SO LAME any fool can get shoot by that. i like nerf becase its hard. so is airsoft but not in the same way. SOME peopole still like a challenge.

Tommy - December 23, 2009

airsoft is better all the way a walmart bb gun is better then a modded nerf gun because it has faster rof and more ammo plus i use to play nerf but i switched to airsoft when i tried a walmart bb gun now i have a KJ Works M4A1 GBBR and a KJ Works HI-CAPA the reason i quit airsoft is because airsoft is more portable, more fun, more realism and more FPS(foot per second) that means my gun can shoot 480FPS flat and u can play airsoft indoors its called getting a CQB airsoft gun u nerf numbnuts and the reason u say nerf is better then airsoft is because u guys cant afford to play airsoft and u guys r to scared to get shot by a 0.20gram bb and were eye protection

Tyler - December 15, 2009

nerf is way better you can indoors and outdoors and i myself dont much like nerf when the guns arent modified but i modify them all the time and get 100 ft ranges the highest range ive gotten out of a nerf gun is 135ft flat not angled thats as much as a cheap airsoft gun not an expensive one and nerf is cheaper to begin with anyway and a lot of kids get shot by a police officer because they are messing around with a airsoft gun and no nerf can not take eyes out!!!!!!!! Also have you ever heard about a kid with a nerf gun even a painted one get shot becuase it is mistaken for real guns i didnt think so thats the whole point is that they dont look realistic the whole point of moddified nerf or even regulaur nerf is that its a hobby of someone who still has a little kid left in him and happens to like messing around with kids toys. and modded nerf guns hurt like hell because you can also make your own homemade darts with foam and a hole burned in both ends of the cut foam and one end has a weight in the hole and is sealed in with hot gule its simple dartsmithing that makes nerf hurt like hell. and as i said before we like nerf thats our opinion and maybe we want to play with kids toys, SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! who really cares!!!!!!!! now all of you that like airsoft probably havent got to this part of the comment because your eyes got knocked out!!!!!!lol!!!

Steve - December 13, 2009

Couple more arguements both ways:
-Airsoft is more realistic, which is probably why it is Illegal in some major cities
-Airsoft is more dangerous, plastic BBs moving at speeds over 230 mph
-Airsoft is more expensive, a “good” gun runs at least $100, but depending how you play, you could spend up to $1000 on a single weapon alone.
-Airsoft guns are recognized as toy guns
-Airsoft allows for more range and variety, but also more gun care
– You can play both indoors and outdoors, wind will come into play outdoors for both
-Nerf is more easily obtainable and affordable
-Nerf guns have severly reduced range by comparison to airsoft rifles
-Nerf is safer for all ages
-both can be fun when played with friends! : )
I play airsoft, but I admire nerf due to how easy it is to simply play and have fun.
I prefer the realism of airsoft, but its not for everyone, you gotta play smart/safe!

jim - December 5, 2009

most airsoft qguns are durable enough to play in most weather

jim - December 5, 2009

airsoft is soo much better and on airsplat.com it costs like 80 for a good gun. Carter stop being a wuss airsoft is suppost to hurt

Tom - November 21, 2009

me to carter

carter - November 11, 2009

well nerf is good for inside and airsoft is for outside but airsoft hurts when it hits you upcloce not nerf i like both and i have both and airsoft is way more expensive

Tom - October 26, 2009

u rigth shut the f up tim

Nathan - October 26, 2009

They are both a lot of fun, but are not comparable in my opinion.

Nerf is playable almost anywhere and it is nigh impossible to get injured, so more people can and will want to play.

Airsoft is much more realistic in a few ways. Guns look more realistic and have much better range. I’m not sure who wrote this post but they obviously haven’t played much airsoft, because there is a lot of movement involved, though it matters more when and how you move because you have to take into consideration that your opponents can reach you. However, they are also more complicated and caution is required to play, as well as careful consideration of safety and rules.

Personally I like both, but in different situations. Oh, and would you guys work on your spelling and grammar? It looks a bit ridiculous when you guys spout gibberish.

Tom - October 25, 2009

ur mom

Tim - October 25, 2009

no u

Tom - October 18, 2009

f— you

Tim - October 18, 2009

Airsoft IS a BB gun. You are too ignorant to realize that. Before you go off and tell people they are wrong, get your facts straight. Oh yeah, you are so poor, that you needed backup from two other people.

Tom - October 4, 2009

eat it

Tom - October 4, 2009

really wuss

TJ - September 30, 2009

A lot of people, believe it or not.

Tom - September 28, 2009

TomAwezome is right but who cares about safety?

TomAwezome - September 28, 2009

In my personal opinion nerf is safer, but airsoft more realistic. Ive shot both before, knowing airsoft for longer distances is better, but for short range Nerf would probably be better for that occasion. It mainly depends on what you want, nerf for inside, airsoft for outside.

tom - September 28, 2009

thanks for backing me up sam and james

james - September 28, 2009

airsoft rules

sam - September 28, 2009

airsoft is better

Tom - September 27, 2009

i would but i cant it is a TOY you sust have to be over 18 to buy them nerf is still fun ya but airsoft is so way better.

Tim - September 27, 2009

Airsoft IS a bb gun. post a pic on an airsoft.

Tom - September 26, 2009

airsoft is a kids toy to they are TOY guns not bb guns

Tom - September 26, 2009

yaeah bro what do you mean

Tim - September 25, 2009

Hey Tom, if you havent noticed, Nerf is a kids toy retard. U fail

Tom - September 22, 2009

air soft is so way better got dibs for centuries nerf stinks

bob - September 17, 2009

airsoft is way way way way better

Tim - September 14, 2009

like everyone has a house worth of wood lying around. and all parents will let their kids play with bb guns. Although airsoft is realistic and cool, nerf is better.

Tom - September 13, 2009

ya right. airsoft is so much better than nerf. ya nerf is cheaper but airsoft is reallistic. instead of firing 20ft you can fire 100 feet. and that is cheap airsoft. nerf can take out eyes 2. i heard it happen. you can airsoft inside 2. and it is easy 2 prevent wall damedge. just place thin plie wood and lay it on the walls. and one bigg reason is you cant dodge a airsoft bullet from 2 feet away. nerfis pretty cheap. is it fun, ya. it is like playing speed ball only much much closer. but airsoft is defenity better than nerf. maby you shoul go and play one game and see for your self.

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