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Homemade Fast Action Nerf Gun

Complete with an E-Dot site, rear stock, 5 round magazine clip, and a maximum shooting range of 80 feet, this homemade nerf gun was made to perform.

Homemade Nerf GunCut and crafted by Boltsniper (his alias) out of pvc piping, springs, and other spare parts, you could say it isn’t the easiest nerf gun you could make in your spare time (it is the coolest though).

How does someone go about making a nerf gun like this? First it takes vision, inspiration, and an overdose of motivation. Here’s what Boltsniper has to say about how this project came to be:

The inspiration for this rifle stemmed from a few sources. Back in 2003 I built a magazine that I intended on using in a rifle that never got out of the prototyping phase. I wanted to use it in something and that was a big driver of this project. I also wanted to build a spring powered Nerf rifle that would produce ranges of slight under 100 feet. I’ve already done that high power sniper rifle. This time around I wanted to make the high ROF assault rifle.

For more on this homemade nerf gun, along with directions on how to make it, check out http://nerfhaven.com/homemade/boltsniper_far/.

Austin theroux - September 18, 2012

I’m trying to make this nerf rifle but i don’t have the tine nor the resources to to so. So if there anyone that would be rolling to make it and I’ll pay a fair amount for it. I would like our to go about 80-100ft. Please call: 360)980-2014

lightening - September 3, 2012

austen, go f*** yo’ self. if yo’ gonna be firein that mav outta yo’ a**!

teresa - January 28, 2012

please i would like to see what you have available, asap. i live in manhattan, nyc. 9174056371 thank you.

jed - April 8, 2011

you rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Daniel - October 12, 2010

Dude thats awesome i want one of those is there a youtube video on how to do this or is it on sale on ebay? those are some good ranges i think but is that flat or angled.

Ammo - July 6, 2010

yeah Bro looks cool and more solid then the nerf guns on the market

Brad - January 26, 2010

Looks cool

Deo - October 5, 2009

lol I mean “Buy” not “by”

Deo - October 5, 2009

I think Its Really cool. A couple people said it wasnt detailed, which a few cuts to the body would fix.
I would definitly by one of these.

caleb - October 5, 2009

dude can u make me one for $40?

K.S.H - September 26, 2009

it’s cool but i can se that it is wery hard to build

paranoid - July 22, 2009

i want one

drake - July 13, 2009

dude, as far as nerf guns go, this thing is kickass! well done!

idkidcGFO - June 25, 2009

And by the way, you can’t curve it, else it couldn’t hold a damn nerf dart, without messing it up.

idkidcGFO - June 25, 2009

STFU AUSTIN your maverick cant even go 100 feet only taking out the air retrictors increase the ranges but not the power IF YOU WANT 100 FEET then go get some new springs and btw Bolts F.A.R. does not suck its a highly complicated piece of work that you would not even begin to comprehend

    Austin theroux - September 18, 2012

    I love it, is there any way that i could purchase one from you?
    360) 949-

austin - May 11, 2009

the design is pretty cool but the actual clip needs to be curved and it needs to be more into detail and the gun has no detail at all and it looks like a piece of crap toy gun you get from the dollar tree and it should be bigger but other than that nice job im working on something like that bu mine is a real sniper rifle

austin - May 8, 2009


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