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Gear Up With a Nerf Tactical Vest!

Don’t just turn the tide of battle; use the Nerf N’ Strike Tactical Vest Kit to ensure the game stays in your favor! Amongst Hasbro’s latest products, the Tactical Vest Kit supports the effectiveness of an ambush, or eases the disadvantages of being caught off guard. With this kit, players can simultaneously equip a variety of sold separately Nerf products for on hand ammunition, enhanced defense, and prolonged play for ages 6 and up.
Tactical Vest Kit

What it Comes With

Included in the Tactical Vest Kit are two clear clip darts, 12 streamline foam darts, and a black polyester vest with mesh material on the back. The vest is 22 x 20 inches ( 56 -50 cm), and has a Velcro adjustable girth of roughly 31 – 43 inches ( 80 – 110cm). On the chest plate is a 10×10 cm Velcro patch for customizable teammate logos (not included).

A Dart-Toting Tactical Vest From Nerf

Compared to other Nerf accessories such as the Bandolier Kit, the Tactical Vest can carry 4 clips compared to the 6 clips the bandolier can carry. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t stuff the pockets on it with clips and darts. There are so many spaces to stow away clips, darts, and other accessories, which if are utilized well, will bump your ammo count well past the Bandolier. Just stuff the zipped mesh pouch that comes on it with clips and darts and you are good to go.

Who Will it Fit?

As far as size goes, Nerf states it is an adjustable “one size fits most”, so it should fit most people… that is, unless you are the size of a Yettie… in that case it probably won’t fit you.

The Best Part?

Perhaps the most compelling feature of the vest is the pistol holster with adjustable straps; it’s enabled to fit a variety of Nerf Blasters such as the Scout IX-3, the Maverick REV-6, the Nite Finder EX-3, and even the new Barrel Break IX-2! The Nerf N-Strike Tactical Vest even comes with a back mounted scabbard, used for holding melee weapons such as the Nerf N-Force Swords–a critical advantage once blasters run out of darts.

One things for sure, with this vest you will ALWAYS be prepared.

The Tactical Vest Kit is a huge asset during bigger battles when enemies are a-plenty. Simply put–it’s more than just an accessory, it’s an essential line of defense that may easily determine whether you win or lose!

nerf monstosity - March 29, 2012

Adam you suck. I’m wondering about were the best deal for the tacticle vest is and how to get to test mods.

nerfer101 - February 19, 2012

u can load the pockets of the vest with darts and clips so i recommend the vest over the bandoiler strap ps. how could someone hate nerf?

nerf guy - February 11, 2012

the vest is better

da nerf killa - January 12, 2012

nerf maniack I would recomend getting both

NerfManiack - December 27, 2011

Which is better the tactical vest or the bandoiler? Iím trying to decide which one to get. Both or just the tactical vest or the bandoiler.

awsome - December 3, 2011

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why are you on this site anyways..

noobslaer117 - October 26, 2011

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kee - October 23, 2011

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ash - October 16, 2011

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